Yes I can, but I have to warn you of 2 things. 1- I’m a tattoo lover and collector myself. From what I’ve learned just on my own and through my friends, I think it is better to have your tattoo artist design it for you so it’ll flow on your body part better. 2- It’ll cost probably as much as the tattoo itself honestly, so you’ll being paying double most likely (just trying to save you money LOL). Sorry but it takes time to do most art and I still need to make a living just like you.

Now if you are ok with both of those warnings and you are after a piece of art in my style, then feel free to contact me. Most tattoo pieces start at about $200 and go up (with half as a down payment to start).

You are more than welcome tho to use any of my art for your tattoo artwork. I just ask that you let me know (AND PLEASE SEND A PIC OF IT WHEN IT’S DONE!! Like I said, I’m a tattoo lover too lol).