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Welcome to The Artwork of Jeff Ballance

Welcome to my new site. It’s a work in progress at the moment but the store is fully functional. At this time I only have up 8×10 Lustre prints and a 12×16 canvas print for Re-Birth. I will be adding to the shop as more pieces are finished and will be setting up more sections to the site as I go from here. If there is any size you would like that is not available, please feel free to contact me and I’ll help you out. At this time orders will be running about 1-2 weeks until I build up an inventory. Thank you for you time and enjoy the artwork.


At this time the shipping cost are: Single 8×10 = $3.95 with $0.25 added for each 8×10 after the first. The 12×16 canvas print is $13.95 each + a one time $2 handling fee. I’m not offering local pickup at this time through the shop but if you’d rather do that, feel free to contact me (BEFORE YOU ORDER) and we’ll set something up.


Prints Available In:

8×10 | 11×14 | 12×16

Re-Birth was an original acrylic painting (actually my 3rd full painting) done in Aug 2014. The idea is that life is a circle. There’s the large elephant and small butterfly. They are each other in turn from the peaceful soul of the elephant to the huge beauty of the delicate butterfly. The original painting was a donation to a family friend’s cancer benefit a few years back. There’s been a lot of interest in this painting from many family and friends so I’ve decided to include it in my print shop for now. It’s one of my personal favorites and I hope it brings you joy in your home too.


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can have your choice of 3 of the 8×10’s for the price of 2 prints. Just pick which prints you want in the 3 spots up top and there ya go 🙂

(Plus you’re allowed to pick 3 of the SAME PIECE. Save money and have a gift you can give to a friend or family member)


We Are One (Come Together)

Sleep Easy

In The Blue